Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dehumidifier For Crawl Space

Condensation From High Humidity in a Basement in Florissant, MO By
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Keeping the crawl spaces drier, warmer and ventilated has been proven to The high levels of gases and pollutants cannot be relieved with a dehumidifier that basically recirculates the same stagnant air. The Ventilation unit will control the environment Imagine if your dehumidifier caught fire in your laundry room or crawl space. That is what happened, however, according to a YouTube video. Coupled with several other complaints, it has triggered a stop sale order of a dehumidifier that was top rated by My advice is to consult a local licensed contractor to help you out. Question: I read your column on installing a dehumidifier in a crawl space to cut down on moisture. I'm doing that now, but I have a question: Is it wise to block or close the wall block I can put polyethylene plastic on the ground of the crawl space and install a dehumidifier, but they recommended a dehumidifier for $3,600. I can get one at Home Depot for less than $300. What else can I do? CURRITUCK, N.C. A. Hoo boy, $3,600 for a Inside the living areas of our homes, we control the flow of moisture using fans, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Otherwise, a tightly sealed home could become a garden for mold spores. We also need to control the levels of humidity in the crawl space In cases I've been involved with, I've found it necessary to use a large dehumidifier to bring moisture levels down. Although some people claim that boosting summertime ventilation is a good thing to do in a basement or crawl space, I only find it makes .

Instead, Gist recommends completely sealing your crawl space and using a dehumidifier. This can reduce your air conditioning costs and prevent some allergy and asthma issues. Inspecting, cleaning and sealing a crawl space is a job best left to the They also offer heating and air services, insulation, and dehumidifiers. They are licensed as in Southeastern North Carolina showing that encapsulation of crawl spaces with a poly moisture barrier attached to the walls and piers, sealing up foundation Humid weather simply exacerbates moisture problems that are often a concern in crawl spaces and basements If humidity is an issue, keep stored food in an air-conditioned space. Reduce humidity damage to clothing with chemical absorbents or through If you live over a crawl space, you can do the same Choose a model that is adequately sized for your space — small room-size dehumidifiers will not survive in a basement. Ideally your dehumidifier should include a high-performance air filter. .

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