Friday, September 19, 2014

Best Basement Dehumidifier

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There are two dehumidifiers running 24/7. No moisture was noted. What should be placed on the slab before any type of flooring and what flooring would be best? Hampton, N.H. A. Moisture got into a basement from water vapor coming up through the concrete Dehumidifiers come in handy this time of the year, when rainy weather leads to damp, moldy basements. For a large basement, Consumer Reports recommends a large- capacity dehumidifier. Testers found that large-capacity dehumidifiers are generally more it’s important to set the humidity levels on a dehumidifier between 40 and 50 percent. Consumer Reports named the large-capacity Soleus Air SGDEH-702 a Best Buy. It costs $225 and would be a very good choice for a large basement. "The best thing about Aprilaire dehumidifiers is that they are built in the U.S.A.!" said Marilyn. For more information on a whole-home dehumidifier and how you can control basement humidity like the Johnsons did, visit Also There is no floor drain in the basement, but there is a laundry sink However, you might consider placing a board across the top edges of your laundry sink to hold a dehumidifier. That will raise it to the perfect height to drain into the laundry Dehumidifiers come in handy this time of Consumer Reports named the large-capacity Soleus Air a Best Buy. It costs $225, and would be a very good choice if you have a basement like Jill's. Consumer Reports says if you suffer from allergies or asthma .

Is your basement damp? Is there a musty smell in your house? The best way to get rid of the musty smell is to dry out the area. With rain and cool weather, dampness is a common problem. A dehumidifier can be a big help in getting rid of the damp air. was get the dehumidifier in so that way we would have a dry basement and it would be inviting to come down here," she said. Consumer Reports Jim Nanni said dehumidifiers are your best choice when temperatures are cool and humidity is high. Consumer Generally, I thought I had a mostly dry basement. With my new dehumidifier desired relative humidity level, the dehumidifier will cycle on and off automatically to maintain the level. Most dehumidifiers have top-mounted air discharge and can be .

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  1. Fantastic product best dehumidifier - purchased for my kids' playroom (110sqft), as we were having an issue with a musty/mildew smell. I've been totally amazed with how much water this tiny thing pulls from the room, and that smell has completely disappeared.